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Neelambari Herbal Hair Oil 500ml - Ayurv




       from nature to hair oil       

Our Trible People

It's a Natural Hubs Oil. this oil basically made by pure tribal (adivasi) ayurvedic herbs which is effectively prevents the Hairs fall and helps to grow long hairs with NO SIDE EFFECT. Take 6 Month Courses for Better Result. Use to make your Hair fall and to control Dandruff, Hair Growth, New Hair. Apply the oil half an hour before bath (otherwise you can keep this oil how long you can). Use this Oil Twice or Trice in a Week.


Hair Fall for Man: Due to Fat and Sweat of your Body is also the Reason of Hair Fall. Using "NEELAMBARI HERBAL HAIR OIL" it will Avoid. Hair Fall for women: Due to Headache Hair will fall, By Using chemicals loke Tablets, Gels, Shampoo's Cream's etc.., are the Reason for Hair fall, Using NEELAMBARI HERBAL HAIR OIL' it will Avoid.


108 type of Herbs, Dashwala, Loliswala, Soapnut, Brahmi, Kasturi oil, Amla, Kadupatti, Menthya, lavancha, Tenhoring Oil, bringaraj, Lavancha [Net Grass], Jattasmasi, Tulsi, Indiam Liquorice, Changalkushtu, Athimadura, Menthi, Black Ginger Oil, Baniman Tree, Amla, Louts Flower, Indigo Plants, Etc...


Apply Throughly & Deeply hair roots and Leave Over Night for Good Results. Use Atleast 3 days per week, For Better Results.

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